Donghae’s Cyworld Update 2008.06.09

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6월7일 제 기억에 담아 두고 싶어서 ELF를 몰래 찍었어요!!ㅋㅋㅋ죄송해요!괜찮죠??~~너무 이뿌죠??제 BABY에요~^^
Because I wish to remember the 7th of June, I secretly took a photo of ELF. ㅋㅋㅋ Sorry! But I guess it should be ok right??~~It’s really beautiful, isn’t it? This is my BABY~^^
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Title: To.영원한 친구 ELF (Everlasting Friends, ELF)
2008.06.10 01:00


저는 슈퍼주니 ~~~~~~~~~~어에요!!동해에요!!
I am Super~~~~~~~~~~~~~Junior!! Dong Hae!!

저는 너무나 감동스럽고 사랑스런 그대들을 너무나 오랜만에 봤습니다.
I saw you for the first time in a long time, and you were so moving and so lovely.

6월7일 아침에 일어나 멤버들과 함께! 잠실주 경기장으로 리허설을 갔습니다.
In the morning of 7 June I woke up and went to the rehearsal to the Jamsil Main Stadium with the members!

아침부터 슈퍼주니어를 보기위해…슈퍼주니어에게 힘이 되어주기위해~
We saw you gathered together, lined up since morning,

슈퍼주니어를 감동시키려고 …한자리에 모여있는 모습을 봤습니다.
To see Super Junior, to encourage Super Junior and to move Super Junior.

그 모습을 보고 멤버들끼리 이야기를 했습니다…
And after seeing you, the members have a talk…

오랜만에 서는 무대이고 오랜만에 엘프를 봐서 떨리고 긴장이 된다면 멤버들은 말했습니다.
The members said that they were shaky and nervous because it’s the first performance in a while, in front of ELF.

저 또한 긴장하고 설레였습니다.
I was also so nervous and fluttering.

시간이 지나면서 그 자리에 대기실에서 팬 여러분들에 입장하는 모습일 몰래 지켜봤습니다.
As time passed, I watched the fans enter the stadium, in hiding.

빨리 무대에 올라가고 싶었고 빨리 여러분들에 함성 소리를 듣고 싶었습니다.
I couldn’t wait to go on stage and hear your cheers.

오늘은 야광봉으로 어떤 모습을 보여줄까??오늘은 어떻게 슈퍼주니어를 감동시킬까 기대또한 했습니다.
What will they show us with the lightsticks?? I was also looking forward to seeing how you will overwhelm us.

공연이 시작되자 너무나 많은 펄사파이어 블루로 흔들고 있는 세상에서 제일 이쁜 모습을 보았습니다.
As the show began, I witnessed the prettiest sight in the world, the wave of Pearl Sapphire Blue.

멤버들이 말했습니다.
The members said:

정말 감사하고 정말 고맙고 눈물이 날꺼 같다며 이걸 보고있다간 무대에 올라가면 눈물이 나면 어떻하지??하고 말했습니다.^^
We are so grateful, so grateful and it was so tear-provoking and said “what if we start crying when we go on stage??” ^^

엘프란 분들은 엘프란 친구들은 저희에겐 없어서는 안되는 그런 사람들입니다.
We can’t live without people called ELF- ELF, our friends.

여러분들도 저희 많이 보고 싶었죠??~~^^
You also missed us, didn’t you??~~^^

저희는 정말 말할수 없을 정도로 보고싶었어요^^
We cannot decribe how much we missed you^^

가식 아니에요 정말이에요!
It’s not a fake suk-up, it’s ture!

멤버들끼리 모여서 정말 많이 보고싶다며 했습니다^^(진심으로 ㅋㅋㅋ)
The members told each other how we really wanted to see you^^ (truly lol)

저희 희철이 형이 MC을 보았잖아요!
As you know, our HeeChuk hyung was MCing!

막 자랑을 하더라구요! 자기는 많이 볼 수 있어다며 너무 예뻣다고…ㅋㅋ
He bragged to us! About how he could see you so much, and how beautiful you

저두 MC했으면 계속 보고 있었을텐데~ㅋㅋ아쉽다!~~ㅋㅋㅋ
If I were MCing I would’ve seen you the whole time too~lol What a pity!~~lol

다치진 않았죠??너무 늦게 끝나서 걱정도 했어요~
You didn’t get hurt, did you?? We were worried because the concert ended so late~

그리고 콘서트가 끝나고 숙소앞에에서도 여러분들을 보았는데…
And we saw you in front of our residence, after the concert…

저희는 그 모습이면 충분해요~그리고 밤늦게 돌아다니면 부모님은 물론이고~
We are satisfied well enough with you like that (in the audience)~ And if you stay outside untill late in the night, not only your parents,

저희도 걱정이 된답니다.
but we get upset, too.

그리고 우리 엘프 분들은 예뻐서 위험해요!!
And our ELF are more exposed to danger because you’re so pretty!

그리고 밤에는 잠을 자야 몸에도 건강에 좋아요^^
And it’s also good for your health to sleep during the night^^

You got it, right??

세상에서 태어나서 저희 부모님 아버지 형을 할아버지 할머니 저흐 가족을 만나서 무엇보다 행복하고~
I am so happy to have been born into this world and met my parents, my dad, my older brother, grandpa and granny- my family~

엘프분들을 만나서 너무나 행복하답니다.
And I’m very happy to have met ELF.

제 긴인생에 여러분들이 거의 저에 기억을 차지하고 제가 가장 빛나는 순간
You take over my memory, along the long journey of my life

엘프 분들과 함께해서 얼만 행복한지 몰라요…
And I’m so happy to be with ELF during the shiniest times of my life.

죽으면 모르겠지만 흰머리가 나고 꼬부랑 할아버지가 되어서도 그대들을 기억할께요!!~~
I’m not sure about after death, but I will remember you even when I become a very old grandpa with grey hair!!~~

언제나 사랑하고 감사합니다.
I love you and I thank you always.

앞으로도 열심히 하고 앞으로도 더 많이 사랑할께요^^!!
I will keep doing my best in the future, and I will more you more in the future^^!!

감사하고 또 감사하고…
I thank you and I thank you more…

앞으로도 멋진 모습 보여드릴께요!!
And I will show the best of me too!!

바람피마 엘프~동생들 친구들 누나들 ^^
Don’t you cheat on us~ ELF (younger sisters, friends, and older sisters ^^)
[But he made a typo and it reads ‘I will cheat on you ELF’]

그리고 마지막으로…동방신기 절친한 친구들이자 선배님들 하고도 오랜만에 봐서 너무나 반가운 자리였고 보고싶었던 친구들입니다.^^
And lastly…tvfxq my good friends and seniors it has been a long time since we met and i really miss those friends.^^

그게 아니라 카아분들이 언제나 저희엘프에게 많이 도움을 주고 엘프분들이랑 친하게 지내는 모습보니 이쁘고 기분이 좋네요.
That isnt it, Cassiopieans always give our ELF alot of support. When I see ELF and Cassiopeia together it’s a beautiful image and it feels very good.

카아분들이랑 엘프랑 같이 파도타기 멋졌어요^^싸우지 말고 친하게 지내요
Cassiopeia and ELF together is really great^^ Dont fight and be close

싸움은 나쁜거니깐^^
Fighting is bad^^

Original Source: Hae’s Cyworld
Credits: mightymin + joycestar0821 @ Soompi

Fishie is just TOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!! =^o^= That’s one reason why I love him so much, along of gazillion others xDDDDD To me this is like a love letter to ELF, he really do like them a lot lot! and When he said “As time passed, I watched the fans enter the stadium, in hiding.” it makes me want to cry. He’s so sweet, I’m really glad that he finally got to see ELF again after so long. <33333

Donghae + ELF = Everlasting Love (……………or is it Everlasting Fishie? xDDD)

P.S. for the CHINESE translation of the Cyworld, CLICK HERE! (Donghae Cyworld CHI 2008.06.09)~
Credit: 幕夜盒子 tieba donghae bar



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