Leeteuk & Eunhyuk Sukira (COOKING) / RANDOM Super Junior FUNS!

Credit: shinmoreyell @ YouTube

Teukie and Eunhyuk are having so much fun on Sukira!!!!! LMAO, they’re so cute and you can some dance moves to COOKING! I can’t wait to see their MV, it’s going to be so adorable! They look great in white with Teukie in the cap and Eunhyuk in the hoodies. The part from 2:20 – 2:41 is JUST SUPER! Teukie’s smile~~~~ HE REALLY IS AN ANGEL! SARANGHAE Eunhyuk as always is just so energetic and cute,when at 4:59 he did the ending voice “darling are you full?” that was soooo cute, he’ll be my CUTE MONEKY FOREVER! <3333 I luff those two and Kiss The Radio.

p.s. I’m not surprised if COOKING? COOKING! became a quick spreading syndrome too in Korea just like the Tell Me Dance. xDDDDDD

Super Junior, “secrets that Idols can’t talk about: girlfriends and shoe lifts”

Members of Super Junior’s brand new sub-group “Super Junior-Happy’s: Lee Teuk, Ye Sung and Sung Min exposes each others’ secrets in talk shows.
On the 7th, Lee Teuk, Ye Sung and Sung Min talked about the secrets that idol groups are allowed to reveal on KBS2TV’s “Star Golden Bell”. On that day, Ye Sung revealed that: “Team leader Lee Teuk has done countless embarrassing things. Once when we went out, he was dressed from head to toe in white, it was very embarrassing. And his entire room is white.” Lee Teuk’s response made the guests on the scene explode in laugher: “On the day that I was born, the sky was so sad that it rained. It is because I’m an angel.” After that, Lee Teuk said: “There are two things that idol groups are not allowed to let other people know. One is that even if you have a girlfriend you have to say you don’t have one; the other is: don’t tell them that you’ve put shoe lifts in your running shoes.” Soon after, he took out 3 lifts from his running shoes. On the other hand, Ye Sung said: “When we were making public the member with second biggest head in Super Junior, I overheard someone saying over the crowd ‘Super Junior’s Big Head’,” and someone else said “That one’s head is really big, isn’t it?” During the recording of the show, Ye Sung had a direct comparison of head size with Moon Cheon Ji(transliteration) who was also a guest, creating an ocean of laughter in the studio.
Credit: glendz @ Multiply

If KangIn was in toilet without paper…

Friday’s Chun Bang Ji Chuk was about “How would you respond if someone texted you saying…“
And today’s theme was “I’m in a public restroom but there’s no toilet paper”
So KangIn texted a few people, telling them he’s in the toilet without the paper to see how they respond…

he texts the super junior members.

SungMin called him instead of texting him… so KangIn called him back so that the conversation could be heard on air.

Sungmin’s the only nice one… so he asked KangIn where he is and said that he’ll go over and bring KangIn the toilet paper lol.
But he was talking in the respective form to kangin about half the time…(i thought they all speak lowered form to each other?)

Then he calls HeeChulHeeChul’s ringback tone is “Chutcha”… only his part
Heechul’s talking with his mouth full.

kangin: Hyung, Im in trouble… (explains the situation…)
HeeChul: Hmm just let your “dung” dry (’dung’ = POO. LOL DISGUSTING HAHAHAHAHA THAT MADE MY LAUGH)
KangIn: HYUNG!
KangIn: Hyung, im not gonna leave here until you come. i’m gonna just stay here
HeeChul: Mm okay.
KangIn: What?
HeeChul: Mm okay.
KangIn: You’re telling me to just stay here?
HeeChul: I think MinSung hyung’s gonna go to you right now.
KangIn: No no hyung im just joking. this is on air right now, this is radio broadcast.
HeeChul: Oh its radio broadcast? Oh… Dont even think about ever seeing me again.

Towards the end of the show, KangIn read all the text messages he received from the other members.

KyuHyun finished his schedule so he dropped by to visit KangIn… Then he received the text so KyuHyun took a roll of toilet paper and he went inside the chunji restroom looking for him … but of course KangIn wasnt there so he told KangIn
“Hyung, i think someone sent me a prank text message.” (AWW, he’s so innocent. LOL. he’s adorably cute. love kyuhyun ><

Leeteuk : Oh is this for radio broadcast? How should i respond? (that guy is clever.)

DongHae: Hyung, dont worry. Im your dongseng fishie DongHae. I’ll be there soon, just wait a little. (he’s cute too ROFL)

Yesung: KangIn-ah, just flush the toilet down once…Then with the clean water that’s left afterwards, you can wash with that. (…………..LMAO)
Credit: z-degrees.net



  1. RadEchiZen said

    did u hve any video for kangin Chun Bang Ji Chuk ?? It’s really funny!!

  2. sarang said

    you’re so yucky yesung hahah

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