2008.06.05 Super Junior – Happy ~ 요리왕 (COOKING? COOKING!) [DOWNLOAD]


If you can’t get enough of Super Junior, you’re in for a major treat as Super Junior – Happy, the fourth sub-unit to spin out of the popular boy band, releases their very first mini album playfully entitled Cooking? Cooking!. Comprised of members Lee Teuk, Ye Sung, Kang In, Shin Dong, Sung Min, and Eun Hyuk, Super Junior – Happy offers electrifying dance music and amusing choreography, just in time for the exciting summer break! The album’s titular track Cooking? Cooking! (Track 1) is an enchanting dance number that speaks dreamily of waking up to a delectable breakfast in bed prepared by a lover. Showing all the signs of becoming the “it” song of 2008, the song comes with cute, lovable dance choreography that complements the song’s cheerful mood.
Credit: yesasia

Super Junior – Happy ~ [ 1st Mini Album ] 요리왕 (COOKING? COOKING!)
June 05, 2008
MP3 Format
192 kbps / 44 kHz
Credit: SpiderLiliez @ spiderliliez.livejournal

Credit: MusicRandoms @ YouTube

Credit: 13!La’MISS:fairy (GAIA)
[GIRLFRIEND] Jagiya manhi muhguh
[SHINDONG] Uga uga! Uga uga!
[SUNGMIN] Nae yuhjachinguneun ([SHINDONG] Nomu yeppuhyuh) Nae yuhjachinguneun ([EUNHYUK] Mameun duh yeppuhyuh)
Hajiman geunyuhegedo danhangaji danjuhm – naboda mothan yorisomsshi
[EUNHYUK] Bapdo mothae gukdo mothae
[SHINDONG] Iguht juhguht amuguhtdo mothae!
[EUNHYUK] Ramyuhne muldo mot matchugo
[SHINDONG] Ganjanginji colanjido gubyuhl mothae
[EUNHYUK] Nuhreul nomu johahajiman…
[SHINDONG] Nuhreul nomu saranghajiman…
[EUNHYUK] Jongmal idaeroramyuhn
[SHINDONG] Gyuhlhoneun jom…

[LEETEUK] Waenirinji uhneunal juhnyuhk chodae handamyuh
Nuhui jibeuro nareul boolluhjji naneun gidaehaessuhjji
[YESUNG] Gulmgo gulmgo ddo gulmuh niga haejul mashinneun juhnyuk gidaehamyuh
Sangsanghamyuh sutgarageul deun geu sungan ([EUNHYUK] Iruhke matuhbsuhdo dwenayo?!)
[KANG♡IN] Iruhke matuhbsuhdo dwenayo? Dodaeche mu uhlnuheun guhngayo? ([YESUNG] Oh ew nomu matuhbsuh)
Charari naega nuneul gamgo mandeunge duh na eulguhtman gatayo
[LEETEUK] Mashi uttuhnya naege mudneyo ([EUNHYUK] Mwoyaaa!)
Ddo naege museun himi innayo ([SUNGMIN] Ooh, ooh mashiddaaa)
Juhngmal mashiddarago haedduhni geunyuh useumyuh hangeureut duh juneyo… nal sallyuhjwo

[EUNHYUK] Myuhchil dongan geunyuh amu yuhnlak obgo
[SHINDONG] Geunyuh chingu tonghae ahn geunyuhui soshik
[HYUK+DONG] Yuhnguh ([LEETEUK] I’m full) Iruh ([SUNGMIN] Anou) Jungkuguh ([SHINDONG] Lai lai~) Hakwuhneul danineura shiganuhbda haneyo!

[YESUNG] Geuruhn geunyuh gapjagi naege yuhnlak haewajjyo dashi hanbuhn duh juhnyuhk chodaereul hageddaneyo
[LEETEUK] Nan gwaenchanhda baebureuda mareul haejjiman hokshina haneun geuruhn maeumeuro nuhege dallyuh ganneunde
[KANGIN] Iruhke mashissuhdo dwenayo? ([SUNGMIN] Iruhke mashissuhdo dwenayo?) Ige sarami mandeun guhngayo? ([YESUNG] Ooh mashissuh!)
[SUNGMIN] Iruhnge iddaneun somundo naneun deuruh bonjuhkdo obneunde
[LEETEUK] Mashi uhttuhnya naege mudneyo ([SUNGMIN] Joha joha! Nomu johaaa!) Nunmul heullimyuh nan marhaejjyo ([LEETEUK] Michigessuuuh!)
[YESUNG] Muhrie tuhlnago iruhke mashinneun yorineun nan chuheumiya

[SUNGMIN] Algoboni geunyuhneun nareul wihaesuh
[YESUNG] Yorihakwuhneul danyuhdduhn guhjyo ([ALL] Oooh mashijjyo!) Naneun geuguhtdo moreunchae

[LEETEUK] Iruhke matuhbsuhdo— ([SHINDONG] Aniji!)
[KANGIN] Iruhke mashissuhdo dwenayo? ([SHINDONG] Geuruhji!) Ige sarami mandeun guhngayo? ([SUNGMIN] Jagiya!)
[SUNGMIN] Iruhnge iddaneun somundo naneun deuruh bonjuhkdo obneunde ([YESUNG] Ooh mashissuh uhttuhkae!) ([LEETEUK] Nomu joha nomu joha!)
[LEETEUK] Mashi uhttuhnya naege mudneyo ([YESUNG] Choigo!!) Nunmul heullimyuh nan marhaejjyo
[YESUNG] Muhrie tuhlnago iruhke mashinneun yorineun nan chuheumiya
([SHINDONG] Hahahaha!) ([KANGIN] Aah mashissuhyo!) ([SUNGMIN] Eheheh) ([EUNHYUK] Duhwoyo~)

[GIRLFRIEND] Jagiya baebulluh?

Credit: 13!La’MISS:fairy (GAIA)

[GIRLFRIEND] Hey honey, eat a lot!

[SHINDONG] Uga uga! Uga uga!

[SUNGMIN] My girlfriend ([SHINDONG] is too pretty) My girlfriend ([EUNHYUK] her heart is prettier)
But she also has only one weak point – she’s a more incapable cook than me
[EUNHYUK] Can’t cook rice either Can’t cook soup either
[SHINDONG] This and that She can’t cook anything!
[EUNHYUK] She can’t even boil ramyun’s water
[SHINDONG] She can’t tell between soy sauce and cola
[EUNHYUK] I like you a lot but…
[SHINDONG] I love you a lot but…
[EUNHYUK] If it is really like this
[SHINDONG] Marriage is just…

[LEETEUK] For some reason someday you invited me to dinner
You called me over at your house, I was looking forward to it
[YESUNG] I starved and starved and starved again while anticipating the delicious dinner you’ll give me
And imagining your delicious dinner I took a spoonful ([EUNHYUK] Can it be this tasteless?!*)
[KANG♡IN] Can it be this tasteless? What on earth did you put in it? ([YESUNG] Ew it’s too tasteless)
I could cook better than this with my eyes closed
[LEETEUK] How could you ask me about the taste? ([EUNHYUK] Whaaat!)
What am I to say anything but… ([SUNGMIN] Ooh, ooh it’s deliciousss)
I told her it’s really tasty, she smiles as she gives me another serving… please save me

[EUNHYUK] I haven’t got in touch with her for a few days
[SHINDONG] And her friend didn’t tell me news about her
[HYUK+DONG] She’s beengoign to English ([LEETEUK] I’m full) Japanese ([SUNGMIN] Anou) Chinese ([SHINDONG] Lai Lai~) lessons and has no time!

[YESUNG] Then she suddenly got in contact with me, she invited me for dinner once more
[LEETEUK] I told her I’m alright I’m full but I run to her hopefully with those feelings
[KANGIN] Can it be this delicious? ([SUNGMIN] Can it be this delicious?) Has a person made this? ([YESUNG] Oooh it’s delicious!)
[SUNGMIN] But I haven’t heard of such taste, not even in rumours
[LEETEUK] So she asks me about the taste ([SUNGMIN] It’s good! It’s good! It’s tooo goood!) As I shed a tear I told you ([LEETEUK] I’m going crazy!)
[YESUNG] It’s the first time since hair has grown on my head that I have such delicious cooking

[SUNGMIN] And I realize that for me…
[YESUNG] She’s been to cooking school ([ALL] Oooh it’s delicious!) Little did I know about that

[LEETEUK] Can it be so tasteless— ([SHINDONG] It’s not!)
[KANGIN] Can it be this delicious? ([SHINDONG] That’s right!) Has a person made this? ([SUNGMIN] Hey honey!)
[SUNGMIN] But I haven’t heard of such taste, not even in rumours ([YESUNG] Oh no, it’s delicious!!) ([LEETEUK] It’s too good! It’s too good!)
[LEETEUK] So she asks me about the taste ([YESUNG] the best!!!!!) And as I shed a tear I told her
[YESUNG] It’s the first time since hair has grown on my head that I have such delicious cooking
([SHINDONG] Hahahaha!) ([KANGIN] Aah it’s delicious!) ([SUNGMIN] Eheheh) ([EUNHYUK] I want more~)

[GIRLFRIEND] Hey honey, are you full?

YouTube links:
Track2- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUnM964T08Y 파자마 파티 (PAJAMA PARTY)
Track3-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMafVTjy1UE 둘이 (YOU & I)
Track4-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTf6awyFjO4꿀단지 (SUNNY)
Track5-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCxYK_0Imzk해봐 (GOOD LUCK!!)
Credit: Estrelucir @ YouTube

Download Link:
NOTE:those 2 links are the same album, just choose which one is more convenient for you to download
[CD] http://www.4shared.com/file/50222622/5caec9ed/SpiderLiliez_Super_Junior_-_Happy_-_COOKING__COOKING.html
Credit: SpiderLiliez @ spiderliliez.livejournal

[CD] http://www.mediafire.com/?m1tmnmmmjlx
Credit: Estrelucir @ YouTube

The whole mini-album is out now! When I first heard of this sub-group I went o.O Now after I heard their songs I went ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I couldn’t help but to smile at their sweet voices. I’m beginning to get REALLY ADDICTED to this album! uh oh It’s tooo HAPPY to pass xDDDDReviews will be written later xDDD Or if any of you guys will review the whole album and send it to me, that’ll be super too! I’ll be sure to credit! ♥



  1. naky said

    so cute….!!!!^^

  2. thank you for the download link^_^
    and thank you for always use mediafire^_^
    the other file hosting site aren’t that friendly with me. lol!

  3. lovemelodies said

    Hehe, you are welcome ^^ I like mediafire also, except for the times when it doesn’t download completely >.> XDd

  4. Tina~ said

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Xiao Lie said

    i reaLLy Like this song..and uri Teukie,,,reaLLy cute is this MV.. he get his very cute expression.. hahha
    Eunhyuk too…cute… hhahaha

  6. wooooooooow i love the song and i love leeteuk soooo much

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