Happy Birthday Yoochun Oppa <3

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He’ll be 22 this year. And according to the Korean age, he’ll be 23! Congrats! <3333

Credit: mickytoho @ YouTube

The video above is a fancam during the ShangHai concert! DBSK was singing “HUG” in Chinese, how cute! 🙂 I want to hug them so bad! (who doesn’t? xDDDD)The chinese fans also sang the Happy Birthday Song for Yoochun! AWWWWWWWW They’re sooooooo sweet ❤ 😀

HOMG!! at 0:38 that’s RICKY shaking hands with MICKY! 😀 You can hear the fans shouting :” Ricky! Ricky!” in the Chinese accents, how cute! Ricky is Micky’s younger brother, how sweet of him to be on stage! LMAO, at first I thought it was Xiah, but then I looked closely, Xiah is actually on the left.

Not till I was been drawn into K-pop did I FINALLY realize that fans can be so sweet and touching!!! Those boys deserves our loves and all fans’ out there! Please support them as well as other K-pop artists! <333 🙂


Since it’s yoochun oppa’s B-Day, here’s some Micky Pics Spams xDDDD:

Credit: Heliena @ Multiply
Credit: Neko_suki91 @ Asianfanatics

His smiles are so ADORABLE! 😀 Saranghae Oppa!! :3



  1. Hojin said

    happy birthday ! Yoochun oppa !!!! >Norway

  2. hero said

    qe lindo es micky ay qe apoyarlo como su fans numero uno

  3. oppa said

    que viva dbsk x siempre son tan lindos como hero y micky

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