SHINee Inkigayo Performance + Headshots

Credit: symbelmynne @ youtube + Pretty Boy Power

Great job on their third live performance <3333 It’s remarkable how smiliar the live and the album version sound like, they have amazing talent, SHINee hwaiting~ ❤ and headshots of all the members ( I really must learn their names soon ><” ) All of them has SUCH pretty smiles XDDD I feel so awkward fangirling about them, I’m really not used to being a noona fan, makes me feel so old (I’m only a high-schooler 😛 ) XDDDD but they are all soooo adorable, I can’t help but love them 😀 ❤

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Credit: Soompi

This picture is quite old, but I wanted to post it somewhere becuase HOMG they’re SOOOOOO KAWAII~~~~~ adsfasdfasdf, why are they so cute?! >.< Now i’m really proud to be a noona (kind of), nothing beats to have 5 cuties telling you “NOONA YOU’RE SO PRETTY” right?????/ *chuckles*

p.s. to win the hearts of the fans and noonas, Lollipop is the way to GO!!!! <333333

Their smiles keels me every time! ^0^= ~~~~



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