Sukira Updates, Leeteuk Tired, Eunhyuk Dorky

[LEETEUK] Cyworld Update
Written on 2008.06.01 at 20:12

For 3 days..I couldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours..wah…forced march*…

Must sleep..ㅠㅜ ao..

Since it’s like this nevertheless I endure it..^^”

* He’s on tight schedule.

Original Source. 오타특
Translated by. 13가야

Poor Teukkie >< He needs to sleep more ❤ But I guess it can’t be helped with the Dream Concert coming up in a couple of days (AHHHH!!!) and all the guest appearances on Sukira. Look, he’s so tight on time, he’s even doing facials during recording (LMAO)

And oh Eunhyuk…you look so gorgeous ❤

but I really hope you are not trying to make a fashion statement with those glasses =__=\\
And more guests on Sukira~

Leeteuk hwaiting~ Eunhyuk hwaiting~ SuJu hwaiting~ Can’t wait to see Suju at Dream Concert next Saturday ❤


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  1. Nicole choi said

    Where u get those picture

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