Suju-M in HongKong


A clip of SJ-M boys doing promotional stuff in Hong Kong. I am LOVING the new outfits, especially Henry’s and Wookie’s. Henry looks like he stole one of Ryeowook’s older outfits (Henwook ftw~) and Wookie’s scarf thingie is sooo cute ❤ Oooh, and I spy Henry’s little signature in the top center of the signature area XD Daww…he has such a cute handwriting 😀

(That girl with the ONLY13 sign should be very happy I was not there) ^^~ Transcript credited to Candychu at Let’s All Eat Candy. Things in [ ] are my spazzing XD

So the interview starts with Hankyung saying in almost perfect Cantonese “Hello everyone we’re Super Junior M”. Then the host says “Welcome everyone to Hong Kong. I know that apart from a few of you (switches to Mando) this is your first time coming here. Who hasn’t been to Hong Kong before?” So then Hankyung goes to explain that it’s Ryeowook, Henry, Donghae and Kyuhyun’s first time.

The host asks them to talk a bit on their thoughts of being in HK. Henry says “Hello, I’m Henry. Um, it’s been a long time since I last spoke in Cantonese” and the host says “Wow, it’s pretty good” Henry then explains that “although his dad is from HK this is only his first time being there and to be able to meet up with relatives from his Dad’s side makes him really happy.” [what a cute kid XDDDDD ]

Ryeowook says that “he’s wanted to come to HK for a long time so he’s really happy to finally be able to do so because he can meet the fans.” He says “it’d be even better if they can go to HK more often” [dawww… Wookie’s so nice to the fangirls XD ]

The hosts then asks what foods do they especially enjoy eating. Zhou Mi answers “he likes eating little snacks from HK Cafe’s including chicken feet” [They are really quite delicious] and steamed pork bun and “turtle fat” (龜岭膏) [never tried the last one o.O ]

The host asks “does your company restrict what you can eat since you have to keep fit?” Siwon answers “it’s not really a problem since Zhou Mi doesn’t ‘grow flesh’ ” [grow fat? XD] And he says that the “members love to exercise anyway so it doesn’t matter all that much.”

Then the host says “just by looking at this interview, I can see that you’re all really close , have you ever argued with each other?” Hankyung answers that “they’ve already lived together for 5 years in Korea from training to debut. Henry and Zhou Mi have trained and lived in Korea for just over a year and have worked with the others for about half a year so there really hasn’t been any quarrels since everyone has such a good personality.”

The host goes to ask “have the 7 of you ever fallen for the same girl?” [LMAO] and Hankyung says that’s too much of a coincidence! So obviously the host would ask them to describe their ideal girl. For some reason Siwon has to answer for Hae [I hope Fishy’s ok… he was so quiet ><] that “he likes big eyed girls, white, pale skin, and long hair.” Then the host says “So you like female ghosts?” [LOL] And Siwon’s like “I don’t know, you tell him.” [XDD] Siwon continues with saying that “as long as the girl understands him, then there isn’t a problem.” Host asks “How about HK people?” And Siwon replies “That’s fine, very good! Very Beautiful!” [LMAO Siwon XDDD]

Then Henry answers in Mando with a bit of English “their style isn’t really important. What I think is important is their heart.” [ <333333333 ] “A person with personality is most important.” Then Ryeowook says “Er, I like Super Junior’s fans” [Wookie XD ROFL]

Voiceover says “On the day of Sichuan earthquake, SJM had been working in Beijing so they were also able to feel the shaking.” So then SJM sing their song At Least I still have You as a way to encourage those victims to stay strong!

Great interview, and be sure to thank Candychu for her transcript 😀


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  1. ngannie said

    “turtle fat”? sounds interesting
    female ghosts r Donghae’s ideal gf! hahahah…funnie host due to Siwon’s answer 😛
    Wookie iz realli playing it along…hahah
    i luv At Least There’s Still You…n of course da korean version is verii interesting too
    awh…Hankyung oppa didnt talk ’bout his ideal type of grl

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