DBSK ShangHai Fundraising Concert 2008


DBSK held their “~O~ Shanghai Concert” at the Hongkou Soccer Stadium in Shanghai on May 31st. This was a Benefit Concert in contribution for the needing earthquake survivors in the province of Sichuan and other neighboring areas. This was also their first major concert on mainland China, and another concert is scheduled to be held in Beijing on June 12.

DBSK yet again shows their generosity through this act of kindness, helping out the victims of the earthquake, thank you DBSK. For all who went, there was a special treat, because apparently Xiah stripped and went topless during one of their numbers XDD
Preview of Zip File
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

What an….interesting surprise it must have been for the fans, and for his parents as well, out in the audience XDDD He must have been working out, I never thought he would be so..muscular XD
I’ve saved around 38 photos (quite a few of Jae and Max at the airport and of topless!xiah, of course XD ) and put them in a zip file here for you to download ^^~ Credits as tagged + herojjbar + Soompi + Joomi@ TPF + beccary. For more piccies (omg, bunny!Max) check out this post


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